Make #BrowGoals a Reality with Microblading

From straight and bold to feathered and arched, prominent brows are back in a big way, and we love it. As far as we’re concerned, eyebrows are the most important facial feature. For one thing, they’re more identifiable than any other feature. (Really!) Plus, they literally speak for you with their expressive movements. It’s no surprise that we all feel pressure to make sure our brows are on point at all times.

Fortunately, now there’s a way to effortlessly achieve better brows—that doesn’t involve the dreaded daily plucking and penciling ritual. And let’s be honest, we’d all love to be able to hit the snooze button an extra time or 10 in the mornings. Meet microblading—a service we’re proud to offer right here at Just Stringz.

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We know keeping up with the latest and greatest in the beauty world can be a tough task—but trust us—this is one trend worth learning about. So, what exactly is microblading? It’s a semi-permanent technique that mimics the look of actual hair (read: not your great aunt’s tattooed-on brows) to make eyebrows appear thicker and fuller.

While the process itself takes about two hours to complete, your new brows will last up to two years. Not a bad trade off—considering you’ll save at least that much time getting ready now that you can officially retire your eyebrow pencil.


So what can you expect? To start, we apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area around your eyebrows. (We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.) Next, we outline your desired shape, get your approval, and then get to work painting your beautiful new brows – blading into the dermal layer of skin for a grown-in, full appearance.

Upkeep is minimal. You’ll come in for a touch-up appointment after a month to make sure your brows look perfect, then every six months to a year to ensure they stay that way. Touch-up appointments are much faster than the initial appointment—we’ll usually just darken your color and fill in missing hairs as needed.

Initially, the pigment will appear very dark. Don’t panic, though—the color will gradually soften to your desired shade.

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So you’ve taken the plunge and completed the microblading process. Now what? While we’ll go over the full after-care plan with you in person, here’s a rundown of what you can expect. There are a few things we recommend avoiding for the first week after your procedure, including pools, saunas, hot tubs, tanning beds and excessive sun. You can still shower and work out, but we do recommend avoiding excessive sweating or longer than normal showers. (Again, this is just for the first week post-microblading.)

Also, you’ll probably have dry, flaky skin around that area (and possibly some swelling). DON’T SCRATCH. Again, this is completely normal and only lasts a few days.


Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and get the brows of your dreams or just want to book a free consultation to learn more, our specialists are here to help. Give us a call 888.7JUSTSTRINGZ.